July 30, 2004

Run Kathy Run!

Methinks there is something awry with Blogger. Either that or my brower's screwed up. But who cares? I'm almost out of here for my vacation. Of course, I still need to do more packing and cleaning before take-off, so it's not a completely worry-free day. It's a gloomy day today. Figures. Friends of ours are keeping the guinea pigs while were gone. They picked them up last night. This morning my daughter woke up, looked at their empty tank and said, "I feel like this big chunk of my heart is broken off and sinking down to my stomach." Naw, she's not melodramatic.

My husband just called me to tell me he mailed the bills. I said OK, then he said, "We're going on vacation." I said OK.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to be getting out of town for awhile. I just can't think too much about being gone until we're actually gone. I've still got too much other stuff to check off the list.

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