July 20, 2004

Everything old is new again.

We got some good news last night--friends of ours from DC are going to be in our neck of the woods next week and will stop by for dinner. We haven't seen these folks in years. Chris and Sue and their two sons. Chris was my husband's best man and they used to work together at the bakery. They've never met our daughter, so it'll be great fun catching up with everything and everyone.

It's interesting, I still think of DC as home, although I'll probably never live there again. The traffic there is too crazy for real life. You literally spend half your day in the car trying to get from point A to point B. Not a good way to spend your time. I do miss the variety and sophistication of the place, but I'd rather spend time with my daughter and see her grow. In DC, we'd probably only see her a couple of hours a day between work, school and commuting. Although I sometimes feel as if I'm trapped in Mayberry living here, at least the pace is slower. And that counts for a lot when you've got a family. Also, living in a major metropolitan area tends to be pretty superficial. People are too concerned about the way they look and everyone's too worried about having more than the next guy. It's all just shit and people fool themselves into thinking it's really a life worth living. No thanks, I say.

I'd also like to take this time to put in a special plug for one of the blogs I'm linked to. If you haven't already, go take a look at Desperate Dad. B-day is fast approaching, and I wouldn't want any of you to miss the ride. :-)

P.S. You'll also see that I've been reincarnated as breakfast cereal. What's really odd, though, is that it's not the first time in my life.

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