May 30, 2006

Where have all the marshmallows gone?

Had an impromptu barbeque over the weekend and we could not find a bag of regular marshmallows anywhere. Who knew Memorial Day meant such a marshmallow run. I told my husband to pick up a bag from the grocery store and he came back and said there were four empty shelves where the marshmallows should have been, but that was it. There were plenty of bags of miniature marshmallows, but you can't roast those unless you're a gnat or something similarly as small. So I said that we'd pick up a bag at the drugstore across the street after church. My husband goes in and comes out sans marshmallows. "They were out," he said. WTF? Then came the crucial moment of truth. How badly did I need the marshmallows to actually drive around to more stores? We were already out of luck at two for two. I wanted those marshmallows. I'm not going to lie. But how much driving around was I willing to do? In the end, no more. I went without the marshmallows, but I'm still thinking about them. They haunt me.

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