May 24, 2006

Ghost busters apparently are freaks.

Had lunch yesterday with a couple of friends, both of whom do the ghost busting thing. One of the gals filled me in on the background of some of the other ghost hunters and it would seem they are not as benign as they appeared to me. One's a womanizer, one suffers from multiple personality disorder, a couple of others are evil, hateful bitches with souls as black as coal, and yet another is a psychic with only one tooth. Interesting bunch. Anyway, learning about these storied pasts makes me more interested in watching these people. Probably even more interested than watching for ghosts. Unfortunately, I'm going to be out of town the weekend of the next hunt, so I'll have to wait two months before I can analyze these people. I'm actually interested to see what happens with the split personality person because I think it would be fascinating to witness something like that. I'm probably treating this too much like a spectator viewing a freakish sideshow, but, damn, this is going to be better than Jerry Springer show.

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