May 22, 2006

Ghost hunt, the second.

Went on my second ghost hunt over the weekend to this farm in a town called Goshen. This farm is an ongoing investigation site for the Indiana Ghost Trackers and the group went there with a psychic and paranormal investigator named Rob Conover. He had come and made a presentation earlier in the day, and then investigated this farm himself. The very basic history of the place is that there's a long history of murder and mayhem. The farm is over a hundred years old, although it's no longer a functional farm. A woman owns the property and lives on it, but doesn't work it. We went into the barn where a lot of activity supposedly takes place. It's also a place where a lot of "sensitives" report feeling a presence. I didn't experience anything myself. I was freaked out at some points when it came to going inside darkened rooms, but I think that had more to do with me freaking myself out. Anyway, Rob the investigator said he saw a man in black clothes and a black hat and that he didn't much like a couple of the people with the group who were "sensitive." The presence isn't nice according to people who say they feel it. Again, I didn't feel anything because I am apparently frigid when it comes to ghosts. I took pictures and got some with orbs in them similar to the cemetary pictures I took on my last hunt, but from what I have been told, most of the time those orbs tend to be dust or something like that. I didn't get anything particularly interesting. Rob supposedly sent this spirit into the light after talking to it for awhile. Rob said the ghost was afraid of what God was going to do to him because of the violence he had committed against the people and animals of the farm. I can't confirm or deny any of this because I didn't see, hear or feel anything. Once again, I am apparently frigid. Anyway, I had a good time and I'm still planning on going ghost hunting. The people are all fun and it's nice way to get out of the house.

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