May 15, 2006

The girls like to humpty dump, too.

Took Mookie to the vet this past weekend for her latest round of shots and asked the vet if girl dogs are known to hump. I explained about Mookie's special friend, the blue sheep. The vet said that, yes, girl dogs will hump but that it's usually a dominance issue when they do it.

"Mookie's trying to show she is in control of the sheep," the vet said.

"Oh, she's definitely in control of the sheep," I replied. She owns that damn sheep. Knows it in the biblical sense. Anyway, if all it takes to satisfy Mookie is a stuffed blue sheep, more power to her, I say. On a gross note, we had to wash the sheep over the weekend because it was getting kind of ripe, if you know what I mean. I don't really want to know what it means, myself.

So the kids are gone for the summer and I now enter the boring summer phase of the job where I have to sit in the office and mentally bang my head against the wall because it is soooooooo slow and deadly dull. Perhaps I will use the opportunity to work on that card house I've been meaning to get to.

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