May 02, 2006

Support the dream

A friend of mine sent me an e-mail from her son who is a struggling screenwriter in Hollywood. After kicking it around for over a decade, he's decided to finally go the indie route and make his own film. If you feel so inclined, visit this website to find out all about it and maybe make a donation to a worthy cause.

Here's a copy of the e-mail if you're interested:

Hi everyone. If you're receiving this email, it means that you are
either a long-suffering member of my family, part of my friend network,
a business contact, a combination of these roles, or you simply had the
misfortune of sending me an email at some point in time. I've tapped
every entry in my address book for this mailing.

As many of you know, I've been making my way in the screenwriting world
for many years now. I've had flashes of success, moments of extreme
promise, options and a screenplay sale. But as of yet nothing I've had
a hand in writing has been produced.

It's time for that to end.

So, I've taken matters into my own hands, writing an independent movie
called "Abducted" with my talented friend Stuart Acher, for him to
direct. And instead of waiting for, and relying on, Hollywood to say
yes, we've decided to make this movie on our own.

We have a budget and a business plan, we've commissioned storyboards,
and the script is in the hands of two Academy Award winning actors for
their consideration.

We're going to finance this production publicly. And toward that end,
we just launched our website --

It's only been up and running for about a week, and word is getting out
slowly, but we've already secured nearly $20,000.

So, please check out the site. Read about the movie, read about Stuart,
review his past work, and then if you feel compelled, click that donate
button. As the website states, every dollar really matters. Consume one
less grande mocha frappucchino this week, and throw the fiver to us
instead. Or, if you're not a coffee drinker, siphon your kid's college
fund and become a patron of the arts!

All who donate can opt to receive a special thank you in the film's credits.

I've been following my dream for over a decade, putting everything I
have into it. But doing things the "normal" way isn't working. The
normal way is broken. It's more about bells and whistles than merit.
More about flavor-of-the-month than integrity. It's time for me to be
proactive and cut out all the middle-man nonsense.

So, now I'm on my knees, inviting you to be a part of it.

If you'd like more information, or just want to catch up, feel free to
email me here. But please get the word out and circulate the link to
everyone you know.

You have my eternal thanks.

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