May 01, 2006

I have nothing to say.

I don't have anything to talk about today. There is absolutely nothing of interest happening to me. Oh, except that over the weekend, one of my grad students had an end-of-they-year get together and I brought my karaoke mic so that everyone could sing and have a good time and nobody would sing. (Except for the couple of people I basically bullied into doing it.) See how scared people are? See how we live our lives in fear? I told them all they were all repressed and that I was the only free person there. Even insulting them didn't motivate them do sing. Academics. What do you expect? I even told them they didn't have to worry about making fools of themselves because I already broke the ice by taking first honors. Still nothing. I will say that at the end, one woman did join me to sing Singing in the Rain, and then everyone sort of joined in for a group singing of Over the Rainbow. But I'm not counting those because you've got to stand front and center all by yourself and sing it, sing it loud.

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