May 11, 2006

My baby girl is growing up.

Last night my daugther asked me to look at one of her--for lack of a better word--nipples because it was feeling weird to her. She said it hurt when she touched it and that it was feeling kind of lumpy. So I felt it and I immediately knew why it was bothering her. She's starting to develop breast tissue. I told her what was happening and that it was nothing to worry about and that it was perfectly natural. Anyway, I couldn't help saying, "My little girl is becoming a woman." She was a little surprised about it and replied, "I didn't think I would start my final stages already." I told her I was about the same age when I first noticed tenderness and a slight lumpiness in my own girl-nipples. I remember it very well because I'm a hypochondriac and I had just watched a show about breast cancer, so when I felt the lumpiness, I immediately thought I had breast cancer and was freaked out about it for awhile. I also told my daughter that this was just the beginning and that she probably won't have to worry about wearing a bra or anything for several years. I didn't start wearing a training bra until I was in fifth grade and it was really only to have something to cover my little mosquito bite boobies than anything. Support certainly wasn't an issue. In fact, it's never become an issue because it looks like my boobs stopped growing in sixth grade. But that's an entirely different story. So my daughter asked me to tell my husband about it and he's kind of freaked out now because she's becoming a woman. The time does go quickly.

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Halfkoreanstudmuffin said...

I found the title intriguing cos I'm Korean/Irish bi-racial. Which means essentially I should be an alchoholic :P