May 03, 2006

The dining hall rocks.

I had lunch at the dining hall today, which is one of my favorite places to eat. I get really excited when I know I'm going to eat at the dining hall. I don't know why. If you haven't been to a college dining hall lately, you probably don't know what you're missing. Back in the day when I was still in college, our dining hall was pretty standard. Pretty much set up exactly the same way my high school dining hall was set up. You went through the line and picked from a couple of meal choices. When I was in school, the big favorite was a dish called Chicken Cosmos. It was country fried steak kinda. Like a breaded chicken patty. I don't know why everyone thought it was the bomb. But we had the same menu every week or month. I don't know how it rotated. Variety wasn't exactly part of the vernacular. However, today, it's a much different story. The dining halls here offer everything from salad bars to standard grill food to Italian food to make-your-own Belgian waffle to made to order stir fry and pizza and the list goes on. And this is everyday. There's a "homestyle" food counter, a "light choices" counter, a taco counter. Everything. No joke. I have to feel a little bad for the kids, though. It was tough enough keeping the freshman fifteen at bay with the sadly limited choices I had. I don't know how the girls today can do it when there's so much to choose from. Better them than me, I say.

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