May 25, 2006

Back to the barn.

OK, tonight some of the officers for the ghost trackers group are going back to the barn where the spirit with the black hat and all was cast out because the single-toothed psychic I will call Scruffy had a disturbing dream about the barn. Anyway, as the story goes, the dream woke him up and he went to take a shower and when he got out of the shower, he saw the message, "There are always two," written in the steam on his mirror. This is not part of the dream. Supposedly, that really happened. Scruffy thinks there an elemental called Malice living in the barn and that now that Black Hat is gone, Malice has nothing to hold it back. So they're going to go check it out. I wish I could go, but only officers can go. I guess they don't want us newbies mucking up the hunt. Anyway, my husband is concerned because if anything is out there, it's a demon and he thinks we're crazy for getting involved in anything that could introduce us to that kind of evil, and he's probably right. But there's just something in me that makes me want to see what happens. It's especially creepy to me because those books I read by Fr. Amorath explains that demons don't have names, but rather go by monikers such as Malice or Despair or Anger or what have you. I told my friend who is going to take a gallon of holy water with her and douse the hell out of whatever she sees.

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