May 19, 2006

It's all karaoke Talk Talk

When I was in high school I really liked the band Talk Talk and I loved their song It's My Life. In fact, I got their tape as booty in a battle of love. I dated a boy for a couple of weeks the summer before my senior year in high school. He ended up dumping me without any explanation, but he didn't do it before he accidently left his copy of Talk Talk in my glovebox. When I discovered it there a couple of weeks after "The Dumping," I asked my father if I should call him to tell him it was in my car and that he could come get it. My father's response was, "Hell, no." He told me that tape was mine now, so I kept it and enjoyed many listening hours. It's funny how it makes you feel better knowing that the dumper lost something, too. Even if it was only a cassette tape. Anyway, here I am sing No Doubt's version of It's My Life.

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