June 01, 2006

Field Day

I volunteered at my daughter's field day yesterday and after having done this for three years now I've concluded that field day is only fun when you're a kid. When you're a 37-year-old mother, it's actually pretty boring. This year I got to be the official outdoor timekeeper, which meant I timed my watch for ten minutes, then I blew a whistle and told everyone to mosey along to their next activity. Despite having sprayed myself down with sunblock, I still got burned. My ears are pretty cripsy and I have racoon eyes from where I had my sunglasses. Having racoon eyes because you went skiing is cool. Having racoon eyes because you blew a whistle for seven hours is not cool. I'll still volunteer, but it's tiring. Especially after lunch. Once a body has had a chance to relax and sit in the shade and enjoy some company, a body does not want to go back out on the field for another three hours to blow whistles and fry. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. It's just not fun.

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