June 29, 2006

Murphy's Morning.

It has not been a good morning. I woke up because I heard the dog barking downstairs, which could only mean that she had been left alone. Dog alone in the morning is a dangerous thing because that's when she gets a whole lot of pooping done. The basic rule is: Don't leave the dog alone in the morning. Anyway, I heard her barking so I raced downstairs to make sure she hadn't had time to get into any trouble. Foolish me, I should know by now that a millisecond is enough time for the dog to get into trouble. To her credit, she had pooped in the litter box. She pooped in the litter box before she stepped in it and then walked around the kitchen. Oh, did I mention the part where she ate it? Anyway, so I clean her feet and the floor and my husband comes out of the bathroom and sees me cleaning up and I told him that next time he needs to come get me if he's not going to be in the room with her until she's done with her morning constitutional. So while I'm cleaning the mess, my husband goes to make coffee and somehow manages to spill the coffee everywhere when he's taking the container from down off the refrigerator. When I say it was everywhere, it was pretty much everywhere: caught in between refrigerator magnets and on top of the handles and all over my husband. Of course, it was all over the floor, as well. So I had to go lug out the shop vac to clean up that mess. My husband tried to do it for me but I told him to leave me alone and let me clean up the mess or I was going to get pissed off that he was arguing with me about cleaning up the floor. I told him I'm better at cleaning up, which I am, so just let me do it. However, that unfortunate business doesn't compare at all to what happened later. My husband called me to tell me that his boss will not let him have the first week of April off next year because he already has that week scheduled and has made reservations and bought his tickets to wherever in the hell he is going. Why is this such bad news? It's bad news because we were planning on taking our daughter to Disney World during her Spring Break next year. For some reason, my husband's boss thinks my husband andhe can't be gone for vacation at the same time. It's not really the case. Nothing will happen if they're both gone at the same time, but now we're going to have to figure out a different time for the trip. Doesn't matter that we've already told other family members to look at planning the trip for that week. We'll just have to accomodate. Maybe it doesn't seem like a big deal since we're not out any money or anything, but it sucks that we haven't been able to plan a vacation when it's convenient for us because my husband's boss always seems to want to take the same days off. That's pissing me off.

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