September 02, 2004

Where's the tailgate?

It seems the first game of the season is this weekend. Just goes to show you how little attention I pay to football. I don't even know who we're playing. Don't care, either. Of course, it's not my team. I just work here, and although I'm also an alum, I just don't think of it as my team. The great Nittany Lions will always be my team. Now, next year or the year after, I'll be excited because it will be a return to the great showdowns between PSU and ND. That's when I'll start getting the season tickets. I used to love the start of football season when I was an undergrad, though. Of course, it involved a lot of drinking, so I don't know which I was really looking forward to. But, there's just something about walking to the stadium for that first game of the season. We'd all usually end up with sunburns after the first game because it's still pretty hot at the beginning of the semester and then we'd all drag our drunk asses back to the dorms to nap until it was time to get up and drink some more. Those were some great times, man. Sniff, sniff. Brings a tear just thinking about it.

For as passionately as I talk about drinking, I don't do it much anymore. Not since I discovered how much it SUCKS to be hungover when you have a baby/small child/kid. They don't care that you feel like shit and that the room won't stop spinning. They just climb all over you anyway. And ask you to make them their breakfast and turn on the t.v. and play games with them. You get the picture. The other reason why I don't drink much anymore is that I am strongly affected by alcohol. I can only ever be tired or drunk. If I don't drink enough to be drunk, then I'm really, really sleepy. So what's the point? SInce I can't be drunk anymore without it costing me way more than I get out of it and drinking only one or two knocks me out, why do it? I'm fine with the water. Also, I've only ever been a social drinker. I don't ever drink at home. It never even occurs to me to have a beer or a wine cooler at the end of the day. It just seems weird to drink unless you're planning on hanging out and having a good time with friends.

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