January 05, 2006

Snake on the run

My daughter's baby cornsnake escaped from his cage over the Christmas break. In fact, I discovered he was missing on Christmas Eve when my daughter asked me to get him out of the tank so she could hold him. Imagine my surprise when little Corny was nowhere to be found. What followed was a disappointing, half-hour search by everyone in the house. Everyone walked around with flashlights trying to see if we could find Corny. I knew was a lost cause, though. That snake is little and could be anywhere. I think he has to be dead by now because he was due for a feeding and he has no access to water. I can't imagine the little bugger has managed to survive. Needless to say, my daugther was very, very upset for about an hour. She cried and said Corny was her favorite pet and how would she go on without him. She asked for a new snake as soon as she stopped crying. I said no. Actually, I said, "Uh, yeah, no." And then I laughed derisively.

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