January 04, 2006

Call me Trinity

Over the holiday break, my husband and I basically paid up for our daugther to able to take taekwondo lessons for the rest of her natural life. Seriously, she can walk into any ATA location for the rest of her life and take lessons without having to pay. As a result, my husband and I also get taekwondo lessons for a year. We're supposed to start this month. If my uniform is in when I take my daugther to her lesson tonight, then I'm going to start today. I was a little peeved because the class right after my husband and I plunked down the money for our daugther's lifetime membership, they asked me if I wanted to pay up for all of my daugther's graduation fees. I said no. Actually, I said, "Uh, yeah, no." And then I laughed derisively. I said after having paid so much money, I was happy to pay the graduation fees as they came up from belt to belt. Anyway, I plan on taking full advantage of my year's lessons and these instructors better make me look like I jumped right out of The Matrix by this time next year. I'm not fooling. I better be able to kick some serious ass. But only in self-defense, of course. I'm not talking about anything retaliatory because that's not the taekwondo way.

Oh hey, check it. I discovered that I can use my new-fangled digital camera as a video recorder. Is that cool, or what? Yeah, it's totally cool. Here's my first guinea pig, my daughter.

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