January 06, 2006

The odds of karaoke

So here we are back with another installment of Karaoke Friday, Friday, Friday. When I was in seventh or eighth grade, today's song was very, very popular. My sister sang it once as a solo for a choir concert. She did a good job as I remember, so now it's my turn to sing this song for one and all. I present me singing Against All Odds.

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On a different note, my daugter has her first guitar lesson today. I think she's nervous. I'm basically forcing her to take the lessons because I don't think she's had enough of doing stuff for no other reason than because she just has to do it. She complained last night about how cruel I am and how I just don't understand her and all the rest of it. After she fell asleep I went down and told my husband I don't know what to with her. I hadn't figured on these kind of arguments until she was at least 13. I hate to admit it, but I think growing up really makes us forget how miserable we thought life was when we were kids. As much as we swore to ourselves we would never treat our kids the way our parents treated us, it all comes around to the same place. Life's funny.

And because it's Friday and the new year and all, I've got a very special two-fer treat for all of you today. As you may or may not recall, my Christmas gift to you a couple of weeks ago was my brilliant rendition of O Holy Night with Tracy Chapman, my home girl. Anyway, I've just come across a version of O Holy Night that is simply sublime. I've got nothing, I repeat NOTHING, on this guy, whoever he is. And I just want to share the love with all of you because you're beautiful and I would be nowhere without your love and support. So, please, enjoy this very special Christmas moment.

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