November 22, 2005

Well, I tried.

Sunday, we bought a pinkie to feed to my daughter's snake, as we do just about every Sunday or Monday or Tuesday. Basically, whenever we can get to the pet store to pick up the pinkie. Anyway, we bought the pinkie on Sunday and threw it into the feeding tank with the snake and it decides he's not going to eat the mouse. I don't know why. It had been a week since he'd eaten last, so he should have been hungry. We left him in with the mouse about an hour or so, but he didn't touch it. So we put the snake back in his tank and I kept the pinkie in the feeding tank, thinking maybe I'll try to tomorrow if it's still alive when we get up. I threw in some bedding just to help keep it warm during the night. When we woke up Monday, the pinkie was still alive, so I put the snake in with it to see if anything would happen and nothing. I tried feeding the snake again after I got home yesterday, but he still wouldn't take it. Meanwhile, my husband is saying he's just going to flush the mouse down the toilet and I'm like, "No, I paid money for that thing. The snake is going to eat it." However, I realized we didn't have a lot of time on our hands before the pinkie expired, so I thought maybe I can keep this thing alive until the snake decides to eat it. So I warmed up a little cream and tried feeding the pinkie with a medicine dispenser. I think I got it to drink some of it. I fed it again before I went to sleep and covered it with bedding and everything, but when I woke up this morning, it was dead. So now I have to go and buy another pinkie to try and feed the snake. But I think I'll wait until this weekend to make sure he's nice and hungry. I'm not wasting anymore money.

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