November 29, 2005

Of dead spiders and pinkies.

There was a big grey spider crawling on one of my computer wires so I rolled up a galley and smashed it. I don't know if I killed it, though, because there was grey smudge on the back of the galley, but no spider anywhere. I couldn't find its body anywhere. I hope it doesn't surprise me by climbing up my leg or something. I hate spiders. We were at the pet store last night picking up a pinkie to feed to the kid's snake and they had these huge birdeating spiders there. Ugh. It creeps me out just to think about it because, really, they were HUGE. Spiders aren't supposed to be that big. That's all there is to it. They had something interesting at the pet store I've never seen before, however. It's a degu, which looks like this:

It's from South America and is part of the squirrel family. At least that's what the very large boy at the store told us last night. Anyway, my daughter got one look at it and had to investigate. The thing I really love about my daughter whenever we go to this pet store to buy the pinkie every week is that she always says, "I'm going to go check out the mammals, Mom," while I'm waiting at the counter. I find it hilarious. Anyway, this degu looked kind of like a gopher to me. It was cute and everything and my daughter was trying to get me to pet it. But I said no. I knew she was trying to sucker me into buying it. I was strong, though. I resisted. Anyway, I'd already told her that she's not getting anything new until Christmas, so that was that.

Oh, and you'll be happy to know we took the pinkie home and the snake ate it.

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