November 02, 2005

No candy for you!

Since I spent so much time complaining about my life in yesterday's post, I forgot to talk about how my husband has declared we will no longer pass out candy on Halloween. When I got home Monday night with my daughter, his first words as soon as we walked through the door were, "That's it. I'm done. I'm never passing out candy again."

"Why?" I asked, assuming he hadn't much appreciated the rain.

"Because they're all ungrateful little shits, that's why."

He went on to explain that just about everyone who came to the house was rude and ill-mannered. He said kids just plunged their hands into the bowl instead of waiting to be given candy and that only a couple of children said thank you. "They don't deserve candy," he said. I told him that as long as we're sending our kid out to collect candy, we're giving it away. But he's pretty riled up about the whole thing. I agree, though. Kids today are shits. At least a lot of them are. Obviously, there are good kids too, but it seems like an awful lot lack even the most basic in good manners. Is that the parents' fault? Yeah, of course. The kids can't learn what they've never been taught. Which makes me wonder why so many modern parents don't seem to think it's important to teach good manners.

Oh, and in my neverending quest to humiliate my siblings, here's a picture of my brother from his bachelor party weekend. This man is 31 years old, believe it or not.

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