November 10, 2005

George, we hardly knew you.

George the parakeet is gone and Fred the parakeet has taken his place. I decided that George was too timid and shy and that he'd never make a good pet for our family, so we exchanged him last night for a more lively and curious bird. My husband had picked out George on his own and based his decision primarily on looks. However, after reading parakeet pages on the internet and leafing through the parakeet care book that my husband brought home, I came to the realization that George was just too frightened of life to ever feel cozy with the seven other living creatures using up air in our house. Plus, the little fucker clawed the hell out of my wrist and nearly bit my pinkie off when I tried to get him back into the cage after he managed a brief breakout.

While we were picking out the new parakeet last night my husband said he was sorry for doing a bad job of picking out the first bird. I said I was just surprised since my husband is an avid birdwatcher and has had birds as pets for many years of his life. He said he makes up for it though by having immediately recognized that Fred was a good-tempered bird. I said I recognized immediately that George was a bad-tempered bird with no experience with birds at all and my husband said what I immediately recognized was insubordination and that's what soured me to George. I don't know what he's trying to say by that.

Fred looks like this parakeet.

George looked like this parakeet.

In my opinion, George was the prettier bird, but as we know, looks don't count for much. I also think Fred might actually be a girl because her cere is more brownish than blue, and that's apparently one way of distinguishing gender in the noble parakeet. Why does it not surprise me that the boy ended up being the pain in the ass?

My pants are really loud today.

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