November 09, 2005

The party's over.

I announced at my social life commission meeting that I want to step down as the committee chair person because I need a freaking break and a half. I've done it for two years and it's time for someone else to dot the i's and cross the t's. The only reason I originally agreed to do it is because my friend said we'd basically run it as co-chairs. I was really just agreeing to letting them use my name for figurehead purposes. Anyway, that friend quit the committee some months ago becase she was completely overwhelmed by the many responsibilities she has on her plate, and utterly underwhelmed by the level of support we were enjoying from the pastoral council and parish. There have only ever been a handful of us on the committee anyway, but there are really only two other members we can rely upon in a fairly consistent manner in terms of attending meetings and taking on responsibilities for planning our various social events. Even while my friend was still on the committee, it seemed like my life was dominated by church social life planning because most of the other members were very relaxed in their participation. I took care of thing because it needed to be done, but now I'd like to be one of the people who just shows up whenever I like and just stands around waiting to be told what to do. Actually, not really. I don't want to be chair person anymore, but I still plan on working on the committee. I'm just tired of having to keep track of everything. However, the thing that sort of broke the camel's back for me is that I happened to reschedule the meeting that should have taken place Monday to Tuesday because I'd forgotten about having the meeting on Monday and scheduled something else for that night. Anyway, one of the other people on the committee called me and complained that it wasn't right to change meeting dates since she had sent out an e-mail a couple of months ago with the schedule for all the meetings for the upcoming year and I said, "Well, I already sent the e-mail to everyone rescheduling so there's nothing to be done about it now." To which she replied, "We shouldn't do this."

I said, "If you still want to hold the meeting, go right ahead. I don't care, but I'm not going to be there because I didn't make arrangements for it."

Then she said, "No, that's fine. I won't be there tomorrow."

Fine, great, like it really makes a difference in the whole scheme of things. But I have to say I really resented the implication that I was somehow interfering with the group's progress by rescheduling, like I'd committed some grave sin. Anyway, that was the end of the line for me. I'm officially tired of running around like a chicken with my head cut off while others take a more leisurely approach. Someone else can worry about the details now. And that's all I really have to say about that.

In other news, it is girl scout cookie time again. The official sale begins today; although, I've sold a few boxes already. This morning my daughter informed me that I "have chosen the wrong path" by selling early. I tried to tell her I only sold boxes to people who have no other connection to girl scouts, but she wasn't impressed and it made me realize that my kid is smarter than I am. I'm proud of her for telling me I broke the rules. It gives me confidence in thinking she'll continue to do the right thing as she grows up and won't be easily swayed by the ne'er-do-wells (like me) floating around her.

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