November 16, 2005

Codeine is good.

I have found out over the past few days that codeine is amazingly easy to get addicted to. Not that I have, mind you, but I can definitely see how people get hooked on the stuff. I've been developing a chest cold over the last half-week or so and I started taking some of my leftover codeine cough syrup from a similar bout of phlegm-producing coughing a couple of months ago. Anyway, last time, I think I only took one teaspoon of the suggested one-two teaspoon dose. This time I figured, hey, let's kick it up and notch and I've been taking the two-teaspoon dose for the last couple of days. The first time I took it, I could feel it. I was high as a kite, as they like to say. Yeah, it was fun. Last night I took the two teaspoons before bed and while I got a little sleepy, no high. No goofy desire to spin around in the middle of the room a la Jodie Foster in Nell screaming, "Flyin in tha wiiiinn." Nothing, nada. Just sleepiness. So I started thinking, "Damn, how much would I have to take now to get that same giddiness as before?" I wasn't going to try, but it just made me realize that there's probably a lot of people who just go ahead and take more. I've developed that level of tolerance in only a couple of days. A couple of days. That's amazing to me. I also see why they don't give you refills on the stuff. However, I do believe my husband has a leftover bottle of his own codeine syrup lurking in the medicine cabinet. Hmmmm.

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