November 04, 2005

In Memoriam

Jan. 1991-November 2005
(rescued from Missoula Humane Society, Dec. 1991)

My sexy American girlfriend lost her poochy pal Bryce a couple of days ago. Of Bryce she says: "Bryce's name, when I got her, was Lady Belle. I came to understand that Bryce had spunk and personality in addition to the grace of a lady. She became my father's dog and would paw him in the car if he stopped for too long in any location. Bryce had part of her left ear chewed off by coyotes and whenever she heard them howling she went and hid under the bed. She had straitions of color on her fur ranging from tan to grey to black and each leg and foot looked like she wore old-fashioned women's shoes because of the tan color. I had a dream about Bryce the night before I adopted her and I had a dream she went to doggie heaven a few days before she died."


By Tyler, age 6

Octopus on Bryci's necklace.

Doggie on her head.

2 and 5 more dogs.

Keisha, Max, and Truffle

and the spotted China doggie

in the tree. Brycie is cute.

Brycie is beautiful. She wears

a red gingham bow. She copies

whatever letter I do.

Rest in peace, Bryce. Look after Snoozer for me.

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