February 01, 2006

Wow, Simon Cowell really is an ass.

Last night my daughter was not feeling well and went to bed really early. She was asleep by 6:30, so my husband and I decided to watch television because we usually cannot watch anything that doesn't involve Spongebob Squarepants or Pokemon. As we were flipping through the channels, we decided to give American Idol a shot. We've only ever watched one other episode of American Idol and it was the episode where Rueben Stoddard won the second season. We'd never seen any of the audition segments, so we thought it would be interesting to see what this Idol thing is all about.

Now, I've seen the press about how obnoxious Simon Cowell is and I understand that's his schtick and all, but that man is really an evil bastard. It's one thing to offer honest criticism to people who shouldn't get their hopes too high when envisioning a life in the spotlight, but it's something altogether different to try and crush people in the process. That man really seems to want to destroy people's sense of self-worth and I don't know why so many people tune in to watch him do it. Obviously, he doesn't care, but if I were one of the other judges, I'd basically tell Simon, "You're an ass." I'd tell him that every episode. I think it would be funny to just start off every sentence with, "You're an ass." And, of course, I'd tell all the contestants, "Now, you know Simon is an ass, but I don't think you're suited for this competition." Anyway, it does seem that majority rules with the judges' decisions, so I'm glad to know Simon's assiness doesn't necessarily mean a worthy contestant is booted out before he or she is given a chance.

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