February 02, 2006

Hot cross pets! Hot cross pets for sale!

Well, I have managed to relocate two of the pets. The chinchilla was immediately snatched up by one of the grad students I work with, and I have just learned that another graduate student is wanting the hamster. I think she also wanted the rabbit, but it seems that the rabbit was a no-go for the roommate. Not bad though, not bad at all. I think the rabbit knows something is up, though. I think he can sense that his time is short and he will soon be booted out of Eden, as it were. He looks at me forlornly with an accusing look in his eye. "You evil bitch," I can almost hear him think. "You evil, stinking bitch." Bet you didn't know rabbits could be so vicious, did you? Well, if you've ever seen The Holy Grail, then you'd know just how violent they can be when angered. I hate to break his poor, little bunny heart, but he'll forget us after the first day, I'm sure. We will fade like vapor from his simple, tiny brain.

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