February 06, 2006

Everyone was kung-fu fighting.

My daughter and husband graduated to their next belt level in taekwondo Friday night. Here are a couple of pictures of them.

I have another nice picture of the two of them with their instructor, but my husband looks like a duffus in it and he forbade me from posting it on the blog. That picture shows them with their new belts, but there you have it. I'm going to start up with the lessons again this evening. It's been four weeks since I hurt my knee and I'm going to wrap it really good and get back on the horse, as they say. I still haven't heard anything about the MRI I had a couple of weeks ago and I'm getting sick of waiting, so I'm exercising again. I've still got to be careful with I move, but I'm walking without a limp so I'm figuring it's healed up enough. Anyway, my husband bought a bunch of cold packs at the sporting goods store over the weekend because he thinks I'm going to reinjure myself, but no. I have no fear of pain.

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