February 03, 2006

More Madonna Karaoke

I know, I know. How many Madonna songs can I possibly sing? What can I say? Madonna is a very popular karaoke staple. Is it my fault that approximately 63.2% of the songs on my karaoke microphone are by Madonna? I think not. I think I'm going to start raiding my daughter's CD collection to come up with some fresh songs for you, which I'm sure you will appreciate very, very much. We were listening to Pokemon Christmas Bash this morning while we were brushing our teeth. Maybe I'll do a song from that outstanding album next week. You just never know what you're going to get. I think it's the suspense that keeps this enjoyable, don't you? Anyway, here I am singing Take a Bow by Madonna. Interesting side note, the guy that plays the matador in this video looks exactly like one of my husband's friends from DC. His name is Victor and he's a very nice guy.

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