February 17, 2006

Annie get your karaoke.

I love Annie Lennox and Eurhythmics. I think Annie Lennox hasn't gotten nearly the recognition she deserves for her talent. I don't think most people really understand what an incredible vocalist she is. I also like the fact that she seems like one tough broad who would just as soon kick your ass as say hello if your presence bothered her. Plus she'd stay elegant the entire time and barely break a sweat. That's my kind gal. I only got to see Eurhythmics once when I was in high school and lived in Utah. A friend of mine and I went to watch them in Park City. For some reason, though, we got bored about five songs into the concert and left. We learned the next morning, though, that the crowd had TOTALLY pissed off La Lennox and she swore she would never perform in Utah again. I don't know if she kept to that promise or not, but we were bummed that we missed all the drama. Ever since then, I've never left a concert early. Anyway, as I've mentioned, I'm running out of songs to sing off my karaoke mike, so I'm just singing to songs off my CDs now. I'm not using the vocal fade function on my stereo anymore because it cuts out too much of the music track, as well. So why don't you just close your eyes, reach out and pretend that you're holding onto a steering wheel--go ahead and move your hands back and forth, that's it--and just imagine we're in the car and you're listening to me sing to the radio. It'll be cool. I promise. So here I am singing Angel by Eurhythmics.

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