February 08, 2006

Stories that make me laugh everytime, Vol. 4, I think.

When my brother was a teenager and in high school he decided it was time to find himself a job. So, as many teens are wont to do, he headed over to the local mall to pick-up applications and find some work. As he walked around collecting applications from typical shops such as The Gap, Radio Shack, video stores, etc., he happened to notice that the Victoria's Secret store had a "help wanted" sign in the front window. Not one to pass up opportunity when it is pounding so loudly on the door, my brother walked in and up to the counter to ask the lovely lady standing there if he could fill out an application for the open position. She eyed him with more than a little consternation and said, "I don't think we can hire you."

To which my brother replied, "It's because I'm Korean, isn't it?"

With flustered embarrassment, the saleswoman immediately handed an application to my brother. He never did get an interview, though.

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