February 14, 2006

Happy Smooch Day

Happy Valentine's. I hope everyone got something good from their sweetie. I got my ginormous box of candy, so I'm good. I was at the doctor's office all day yesterday having a stress test and other heart type tests taken. It wasn't fun. Not that anything was particularly hard or anything, it just took so damn long waiting around for them to go from one test to the next. On the cool side, I got to see an ultrasound of my heart beating. I could see the chambers and valves and everything. It was neat. You don't see something like that everyday. I've got my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow to figure out what's going to happen with my knee. The doctor I'm seeing is the doctor in charge of orthopedics for the football team, so I suspect he'll know a thing or two about torn ACL's. If he doesn't, that's pretty damn sad. But seriously, it sounds like I'll be in good hands. I'll have to remember to shave my legs tomorrow morning. Speaking of shaving my legs, I couldn't take a shower this morning because I'm wearing this 24-hour heart monitor and you can't shower or bathe with it on, which sucks. They stuck this thing on me as I was walking out the doctor's office yesterday and told me not to shower and I said, "That's great. You get me all sweaty from jogging on the treadmill and then tell me I can't shower. Wonderful." Anyway, I old-schooled it and did the washcloth and water basin thing this morning. I don't really recommend that as a normal means of washing up. It sucks. According to my monitor timer, I've got 03:03:11 left until test completion.

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