March 25, 2004

Things that make you go, hmmmm.

Why do I post more on my brother's blog than he does? Why am I forced to sit here doing nothing, feeling my unused brain matter seep slowly from my ears? Why do American Girl dolls cost soooooooooo much freaking money? Isn't it disgusting to exploit a young girl's budding self-awareness for a buck? And why do I give into the capitalist machine? Why does my daughter now have three of those dolls? I could buy a really nice new diningroom light fixture for that money. Why am I not famous by now? Why don't I have my own talkshow by now? What ever happened to C.C. + Music Factory? Why do old men think it's appropriate to call grown women girls? What happened to the Pulitzer I said I was going to win by the time I was 30 in my high school yearbook? Why are people in Utah the only ones who know what NCMO stands for?

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