March 03, 2004

I agree I think Bill Murray should have won that oscar for lost in translation. However, on a different note I am quite pleased that Lord of the Rings Return of the King sweeped the oscars. because a "nerd's" movie beat out all that hoity toity "drama" crap. I think seabiscuit should have one at least one oscar as well I thought it was a smashing film. Well I'm going to be in Italy in april for 7 days I'm quite excited because my girlfriends buddy is getting married there to some sort of an arab oil sheak or something like that from the UAE. He has rented a villa in cianciano for all the guests to stay in for free! Christina will be going to flourence, rome, and pisa as well. So that should be pretty awesome. In addition I will be moving back to VA at the end of this month which is quite awesome for me! I'm super glad I'll now be able to kick it with my people's and be near my family and girlfriend.

I would like to move to Austin, TX in a couple years I absolutely fell in love with that town! It is soooo bad ass!!!! its my dream!

Remember everyone!

Up with hope
Down with dope!

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