March 02, 2004

So, I'm sitting here eating my Weight Watchers Smart Ones Fiesta Chicken. Try to say that in one breath. Yeah, it's OK, but only OK. Actually, most of the Smart Ones meals are fairly decent, but this Fiesta Chicken doesn't have enough salt. It's a little on the bland side. It still cracks me up that I can actually clog cyber-space with this sort of mindless drivel and no one really cares. Just seems like a waste of resources to me, but, hey, if it gives me another outlet for mouthing off, all the better. Depeche Mode is playing. Filming and dreaming, dreaming of meeeeeee, yeah.

Yesterday I went to the American Idol site to find out about this William Huang that everyone is talking about and I don't understand why people say he can't sing. I mean, yeah, he looks a little bit dorky while he is singing, but his voice isn't that bad. It sounds like he can carry a tune, at least. This entire American Idol thing seems weird to me anyway. I've only watched a couple of episodes, just to see why people were so crazy about it and it doesn't seem all that incredible to me. I've only seen the audition segments on commercials, but I don't understand why people who absolutely cannot sing to save their lives go on this show when they know that Simon guy is going to insult them. You know, it was one thing when the show first started and people probably didn't know, but now everyone knows. And the ones who can't sing still seem shocked and hurt when he yells at them.

In general, though, I don't understand why he feels like he has to humiliate people in the first place. It takes courage to get up and perform in front of people, especially when you know the chances of being ridiculed are fairly high.

OK, here's another thing I want to know about.... What's the deal with Sean Penn at the Oscars and his comment about what actors know besides the fact that there were no WMDs? Yeah, when I think of someone who's really informed about world affairs, he's not exactly the first person who pops into my mind. And all that stuff at the beginning of the war when he said he would go be a human shield, so why didn't he? Because, of course, his past behavior has shown how much he cares about his fellow man, like when he's beating up photographers. Not that I'm defending paparazzi, because them do seem like a sleazy sort, but he doesn't exactly have a history of living a peace-loving sort of life. So Sean Penn, I say to you, shut up. Just because you're famous doesn't mean anything that comes out of your mouth is worth listening too. Cyberspace-clogging people like me are the only ones with anything intelligent to say. :-) And with that, I'm signing off for the day.

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