March 08, 2004

Interview #3

Today I've got my friend Lynn with us. Lynn was my roommate my freshman year of college and a good friend. We also belonged to the same fraternity as little sisters. She basically brought me into the fold of that fraternity because I didn't like the first fraternity I ended up pledging as a little sister because the leadership of the chapter changed and it wasn't fun anymore. The boy who ended up being president was a big dick and apparently confused that with having a big dick. That's the good thing about being a little sister, if you drop out you don't have to worry about disgruntled boys throwing beer on you if they happen to run into you around town because, hey, it's not like you were a brother or anything. So let's get started:

KC: Who would you say has been the most influential person in your life?


KC: I sent this question to Lynn via e-mail and I haven't heard back from her, which means this interview is on hold until futher notice...

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