May 01, 2007


It's been a week since the show closed and I'm actually experiencing withdrawal. Seriously, I find myself longing for the next play. I miss my castmates. They're all such wonderful people. I hadn't realized what I had kept buried for so long by not performing, and now it's out again and I want more. But, I'll have to bide my time until Fall because I just can't fit more than two shows a year into my schedule.

Oh, the other day my daughter and I were watching this Swan marathon on Fox Reality channel and we were completely hooked. I'd never seen that show, but it was amazing the changes those women went through in three months. The thing I found interesting about the women is that most of them suffered primarily from mental problems rather than physical problems. Granted, some of them had really shitty upbringings, but they all seemed to have pretty OK lives. I wonder how many of them would have wanted the drastic plastic surgeries they had if they had had intensive counseling beforehand. They had therapy in conjunction with the physical changes, but I wonder if they would have wanted as much if they'd learned to love themselves first.

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