May 24, 2007

SOS (same old shit)

These play rehearsals just get more interesting every time I show up. Last night we were all sitting around during a break, just talking about random crap, when the director says, "My worst nightmare was being trapped on an elevator with four kor...mumble, mumble."

And I asked, "Trapped with four what?"

"Four Koreans, the smell of garlic was terrible. They eat a lot of garlic, you know."

And I said, "Oh, I know. I'm half Korean."

Then everyone just sat in uncomfortable silence for awhile before the director came over to where I was sitting and tried to have a nonchalant sort of conversation about his experience with Koreans. In my mind, I'm thinking, just stop talking. You're not making things better at this point. Anyway, so I sat there and listened to his talk while he tried to explain that he didn't think it was the people that smelled, but just the garlic that they ate. Whatever. At moments like this, you can only really laugh about it because people are fucking stupid.


Rikoala said...

omg, you are too funny... I would have surely thrown a chair at him... and then slapped his wife and son just because of their legal proximity. well there it is, my first comment to your life and times. Cheers!!

Korean Celt said...

Feel free to comment anytime. :-)