May 29, 2007

Help me

There are at least two wasps or hornets flying around my office right now and I'm scared. Really, really scared. OK, maybe only really scared, but I know one of those S.O.B.s is going to come dive-bomb me any second. One is buzzing the florescent lighting above my head and the sound is making me want to scream. I called building maintenance and asked them to send up someone with bug spray, but they still haven't shown up. Typical. What's really weirding me out is the fact that if there are two, there's probably a nest or something in here. (uncontrolled sobbing) Someone please come and help me. NOW! OMG. One just flew right in front of my face. Where's the bug spray guy? Where's the bug spray guy? I feel like I'm in some kind of horror movie.

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