May 30, 2007

I confess

I am totally addicted to this desert sort of thing I've been eating since I started doing the weight watchers. I take sugar free/fat free jello pudding, mix in All Bran bran buds and top it with Cool Whip free. It is freaking awesome. I don't really know how many points it is, but I know it's not much because the cool whip is zero points, the pudding is a couple points, I think, and the cereal is one or two points, something like that. It's so good, plus it's got plenty of fiber, which is always good. Another yummy breakfast I've been doing is the McCann's instant oatmeal with fat free Smart Start margarine and some splenda brown sugar mix. That's only like two or three points a serving and it's really filling. I ate not so great over the weekend because we had a bbq and I had to give some advice over sangria to one of my castmates about this dickwad guy in her life who's making her miserable. And, of course, with the sangria, I had to eat the chips and salsa. Salsa is not a problem, but the chips are. So, it's back to the plan. I don't really know if I've lost much weight because I don't weigh myself because I know I'll be depressed by whatever the number says, but I do feel less bogged down and bloated, so that's good.

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