May 04, 2007

I suck.

Every Friday night, some of the people from the play go to this place called Frank's to sing karaoke and hang out. I'd really like to go this evening just to see everyone and say hi and sing a song or two, but I have a hard time getting myself together to step out the door at 9:00 or 10:00 on a Friday evening. Now, I know this is normal heading-out-on-the town time for people, but I'm at an age now where I wonder why does it have to be so late. If I'm already out at 9:00, there's really no problem, but not leaving until 9:00 is a completely different story because I've usually fallen asleep on the couch by then. I asked one of my grad students if she wanted to go with me, but maybe we could get there a little earlier than 9:00 and eat dinner or something and just wait for other people to show up. She'll call me to see if she can do that. But, it's hard to admit that I don't have the same spark and spunk that I used to.

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The Husband said...

I grow old, I grow old.
I shall wear the bottom of my trousers rolled.