April 30, 2007

Screw it, I'm just doing Weight Watchers.

Well, my lemonade cleanse lasted about 12 hours. I did the laxative tea Saturday night, woke up Sunday and did most of my quart of salt water, which was completely gross because it was like swallowing liquid snot, drank a cup of coffee (because I'm not giving up coffee), waited about an hour and then drank my first glass of lemonade. Then I went up to take a shower and while I was in the bathroom, I thought to myself, "I'm going to puke." I lifted the toilet seat and then proceeded to puke out all the contents of my stomach. It was weird because there was no build up, no aching stomach, just the thought that I was going to throw-up and then I did. Anyway, I then had to tell my husband and daughter that I'd just vomitted and then the two of them begged me to pleeeeeeeaase not do this cleanse. It wasn't a hard sell on their part after the puking. So with that failed experiment, I'm going to just go back to Weight Watchers because it works, at least it's the only thing that's ever worked for me. My friend and I decided we'll meet every Saturday to make the week's worth of food so we can just put it in the freezer and not worry about being too rushed during the week to make our food. Meanwhile, I've got an entire gallon of cayenne-spiked lemonade sitting in the fridge. I'll go ahead and finish it because it's actually not too bad despite the pepper. I just won't be using it for the cleanse anymore.

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