April 26, 2007

So it's like this...

It's 11:06 pm and I just finished watching a movie on the computer. For some reason I'm burping a lot and it's not pleasant. Mookie is asleep on the floor behind me. Such a good dog. I'm tired but I don't feel sleepy. I've got to go to bed or I'll be really tired tomorrow. You know, I've realized that I have completely lost track of my life. I just had to think for a little bit to figure out what day tomorrow is. I'm going to start this lemonade cleanse/detox thing on Sunday. One problem from the play is that I had to eat on the run a lot, which means I've been doing less than healthy eating for a while now. I feel bloated and disgusting to say the least. I'll do this 10-day thing and then hopefully feel like a spring chicken. I kind of want to use it to jump start a return to healthier things in general. Like right now, I feel like I've got a rock sitting in my stomach. I think it's from the meatball sub I had for lunch. I wish I were rich only so I could hire someone to make all my meals, like how Oprah does. And I'd hire someone to make me exercise everyday. While I'm at it, I'd hire someone to give me facials and foot rubs everyday, too. Yeah, that would be the life.

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