March 27, 2006

T minus three days and counting.

My husband and daughter go to pick up Mookie the Mutt on Friday. To say my daughter is trembling with excitement is a major, major understatement. I fully expect her head to explode within the next day or two. I am cautiously excited about the entire thing because we must first get through the crucial housetraining stage. I am girding myself for the tough job ahead of us. I don't really know how difficult it will be since I've never housetrained a dog, but I'm not expecting it to be easy. We've been reading books and stuff, but it still seems like it is going to be fairly challenging ordeal. Although, the fact that you are not encouraged to let the dog have free rein of the house until she is fully housetrained is a saving grace. We're going to keep Mookie in the kitchen, so any accidents should be fairly easy to clean up.

In other news, I bought myself some clothes over the weekend, which is a pretty momentous thing for me since I almost never buy anything for myself. I had to get an outfit for this charity dinner we went to Saturday night. I also got myself a t-shirt and pair of capris while I was at it. Of course, I felt guilty about spending the money as soon as I walked out the store. Oh, did I mention the shoes? I got shoes, too. That was nice.

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