March 10, 2006

No karaoke Friday.

No song this week. Sorry, but I'm just coming off the surgery and all. You understand, right? We just joined up Netflix. I'm hoping there are movies in my mailbox today so I can watch something tonight. My daughter is jumping around to the Pokemon theme song right now. I'm sure you can imagine how enjoyable that is to me. Something is up with Odeo and it's not letting me upload audio files for some reason. I've got a new podcast episode waiting for y'all, but I can't do it until I can upload the file. Boo hoo. I'm feeling a little jittery right now. I wonder if it's from my pain medication. The medical supply people are coming to pick up my continuous motion machine today. It makes me a little sad because having to use that thing was a good excuse to take a break for an hour. Oh, here's something new I learned. The birthday cake flavor mix at Coldstone Creamery really does taste like birthday cake. It's good.

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