March 14, 2006

Feel the burn.

I had my first visit to the physical therapist yesterday and it was OK. He basically took measurements of my knee bends and extensions and stuff. It was exciting. But really, it was OK. At first I thought he was going to start wrenching my knee and twisiting it and shit, so I asked him, "Are you going to hurt me? Because if you are, I just want to know so I can warn you that I'm a yeller."

He laughed and said he wasn't going to hurt me and that he wasn't going to make any sudden movements or anything like that. I was much relieved because everyone kept telling me that they were going to seriously bend and push my knee all over the place and I was a little bit nervous about that. In the end, he just showed me the exercises he wants me to do at home and made sure I knew how to do them properly. It was all good. I actually noticed a difference this morning. My knee seemed much looser than it has, so I'm pretty hopeful everything will be in good working order by the end of the year.

One thing does bug, though. They gave me a sheet that said my insurance only covers 20 sessions a year. They want me to come in two times a week and at a minimum, I'm going to need therapy for six months. Twenty sessions is only ten weeks. What am I supposed to do after that? It's pretty stupid on the part of the insurance company because it costs them less money to just pony up and cover all the physical therapy until my knee is good and strong. Because what will likely happen if my knee isn't good and strong? I'll probably end up injuring it again and fixing it will cost more. I don't understand why insurance companies seem to be lacking the most basic common sense. I know they're all about the money and don't really care about the members, but doing things the way they are doing them DOES waste money. They just need to be a little smart about it. Stupid pricks.

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