May 13, 2005

Would you like more tea?

This is actually the second time I've typed this post because when I originally typed it and then tried to publish it, I got the wonderful "Blogger is unavailable due to scheduled maintenance." That's great for them, but I lost the entire post. Boo, hoo, hoo. You bastards.

Anyway, I'll start from the beginning...again. I've just returned from the Mother's Tea my daugther's class hosted this morning. We all went to mass and then we ate cake. Which reminds me of the Eddie Izzard line: "Death or cake?"

Uh, cake please.

It was a really nice time, though. The kids made little paper purses that are really books about what the children like most about us. I am, according to my very bright girl, the best kuk the world has ever known. What I want to know is if I'm the best kuk, what does she never eat anything I make from scratch, then? All she ever wants to eat is EZ Mac-n-Cheese and chicken nuggets. These are not things that I cook, I just throw them into the oven. What's that all about? And why is kuk the word that she misspelled? I would think "world" or "known" are much better candidtates for error.

Since the morning was all about us moms, the children waited on us and brought us our tea/lemonade and cake. Thankfully, there were no tragic food misadventures and all cake and beverages made it safely to their destinations. Right now, at this very moment I feel very, very sleepy. I want to just lie down and close my eyes and catch a few z's. I just might do that after I finish this post...again.

I used my washing machine three times last night.

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