May 20, 2005

Ooh, that's sour.

I'm referring to the nectarine I just bit into. My lips are still pukering from it. I guess three days isn't enough ripening time. I'll tell you the best fruit I've ever had in my life is the Royal Riviera pear from Harry & David. Oh my God, you want to talk about some succulent fruit. You've got to let them ripen a few days before you eat them, but it is so worth the wait. I wasn't particularly impressed with any of the other fruit I've ordered from them, but the pears are excellent.

So the husband went to watch the new Star Wars movie last night after work. He said it was good. He's going to go watch it again on Saturday with a friend. So he goes twice in one week and I'll have to wait until it comes out on DVD. I was asking him some questions about it this morning and he answered, "I don't know."

My husband has this thing where he hates to know what happens in a movie he wants to watch before he sees it. If people start talking about it, he puts his hands over his ears and yells for everyone to shut up about the movie. This is his thing, not mine. So when I ask him about movies and he refuses to answer, it pisses me off because I don't care if I know what happens before I see the movie, obviously, or wouldn't be asking in the first place. I don't know if he thinks he's doing me some kind of favor or something, but I don't like it. Anyway, after our daughter berated him for awhile, he finally answered my questions. The kid got on his case because she wanted to know what happens, too. So, I've got a little bit of information now to hold me over. It'll have to do.

Now I have to confess something. Well, it's not really a confession, but I don't know what else to call it. A couple of days ago I lent two DVDs that I rented to a friend because she asked to borrow them. I don't know that I've talked about how I am about things being the way they're supposed to be, but it bothers me if my ducks are not properly lined up and all that. Anyway, the DVDs were due back the next day (which would have been yesterday) by midnight. I really stressed the part about being due back at midnight because sometimes this friend--although I love her guts out--can sometimes not follow through on stuff she needs to follow through on. My husband was surprised I lent the DVDs to her because he knows how my friend is and he knows how I am, but what was I going to say? "No, you can't borrow them because I don't want to pay the late fee when you don't turn them in on time." I wanted to call the video store yesterday to make sure they turned them in so I could take them in myself if I needed to. My husband told me not to. But it's killing me, I've got to know, so I'm going to call the video store right now. Hold on while I call. OK, they returned the DVDs. Now I kind of feel bad that I didn't trust them more.

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