May 17, 2005

My baby brother is all grown up.

My brother called me last night to tell me he and his fiancee just bought a condo. As I've mentioned, they're getting married in August and I'm really excited for them. It sounds like a pretty nice place and it's soooo exciting buying your first house. They're in Northern Virgina so, of course, it cost what would be considered kind of obscene for something similar anywhere else in the country, but it was a good deal for the area. All I know is that I'm jealous because it comes with a jacuzzi tub in the master bath. I don't even have enough room in my bathroom to fit a jacuzzi tub. That's one of the problems with buying an old house, they just didn't make the rooms large enough to accomodate all our fancy mondern technology.

But let me ask you one thing, does this look like a man who can handle a mortgage?

So you see, if there's hope for him, there's hope for all of you. Have faith. Fight the power.

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