May 23, 2005

OK, I'm gonna tell you anyway...

Yesterday, my husband told me he woke up Saturday night because I was talking in my sleep. Doesn't sound so weird, right? But he told me that I was speaking very loudly and that it sounded like I was speaking in tongues (it was vaguely European sounding, he said) and then I said, "Praise the Lord." Then I went back to speaking the undecipherable language and then responded, "Thanks be to God." He said that was the point at which he told me to roll over, which I did, and then it was over. So I'm a little freaked out while he's telling me this; although, I'm laughing my ass off. I asked what did this "speaking in tongues" sound like. I told him to imitate it and he said he couldn't. I have no recollection of the dream I must have been having, but I think this has to be a result of my reading that exorcist book I was telling you all about.

But I do want to know what vaguely European sounding is supposed to mean. The only European languages I think you can easily confuse with each other are Eastern European languages because they all sound kind of Russian to me. Whereas, Western Europe, you're looking at German, French, Spanish, etc. It's all very different sounding. I said it's weird that I should be speaking another language because I sometimes dream in either French or Korean where I know in the dream I am saying everything correctly, but I wouldn't be able to do it in waking life. When I said this, then my husband said, "Maybe it was Korean. Yeah, you were speaking Korean." I don't know, I'm dying to know what this other language sounded like.

I've always been some what fascinated with the idea of speaking in tongues because I want to know what it sounds like. I've asked people who have heard it and they basicallys say it sounds like gobbledy-gook. But I'm thinking if it's supposed to be inspired by the Holy Spirit, shouldn't it sound like something? Even if it's a dead langugae, don't you think it should be a real language? I don't know. Because anyone can just act like they're talking some weird language by making noises, but that doesn't mean they're really saying anything. I'd like to witness it myself some day just to know what it's like.

I've got to take my daughter to the doctor this afternoon because she has some odd bumps on her head and on her neck. It started Thursday when she said she felt bumps on the back of her neck under her skull. I felt it and there were two very hard nodules under the skin. They sort of felt like swollen glands, but harder. So I called the doctor to make an appointment, which is today after school. She said that the bumps hurt if someone touched them and that if she moved her head a certain way, it would also hurt. Then Friday, I notice two very small pustules near the area where the the glands or nodes are swollen, but it doesn't look like anything major, but there are now more hard, inflamed nodules. Then Saturday night, she's scratching her head really hard and I look and there's a patch of about ten or so red, inflamed pustules on her scalp. My husband said they looked like spider bites. There were so many of them, though, I asked could it really be spider bites. Would they bite so many times? And he said, yeah, that they just bite and the go on and bite again. He said some spiders eat blood and that's what they're trying to get. At the same time, but the red bumps on her neck are getting bigger and more blister-like in appearance and it's itching her. I've been trying everything to ease the itching for her. This morning I put camphor spirit on the all the bumps. I hope the doctor can give her something to make her more comfortable. I'm thinking if they are spider bites, then the great number of them must be working her immune system pretty hard if she's got swollen lymph nodes or glands because of it. Of course, since I've done such a good job of transferring my hypochondria to her, she's worried her head is going to start melting at any moment. When she woke up this morning she said he was so happy it was Monday because it's doctor day.

Anyway, I'm also going to spray down the entire house to get rid of any bugs that might be taking up residence. We washed her blankets and everything in hot water, so that should kill anything that was crawling around. I know it's not lice, though, because I looked through her head hard and long with a magnifying glass to make sure I didn't see any nits. I hate bugs, I don't know if I've mentioned it before or not but I figure they've got the entire rest of the world to live, they don't need to share my house. My husband gets mad at me, though, because I spray the house every spring and one year I ended up mutating the toads around our house. Some of them didn't have back legs and stuff like that. He's something of a naturalist, so he doesn't appreciate my "cleansing" ritual. He said I couldn't spray anything other than the house anymore. I'd spray up the trunks of the trees and things before and three feet out from the house around the entire perimeter. I'm not excessive, do you think? My husband is a birdwatcher, too, and he didn't want me contaminating the insects because he said the birds would die from eating poison bugs. I don't want to kill any birds, but I don't want insects in my house. I'm not freakish about it or anything. I swear. I wish I had a digital camea, then I could show you all a picture of the scabies on my daughter's head. You'd all like that , right?

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